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Keeping your doctor/patient relationship is important. When a Primary Care Physician (PCP) or specialist resigns or is terminated from the medical group, the plan will notify the Member in writing to assist the Member in transitioning care to another medical group physician. If the contract between The Plan a provider group or an acute care hospital terminates, the plan will also notify the affected Members. Members who contact CCHP to request continued Care from a terminated provider will be sent a Continuity of Care request packet by the Member Services Center. The packet includes a Continuity of Care request form. Members must submit a Continuity of Care request form and related documents to the Utilization Review/Care Management Department (attn: UM Director) within 30 calendar days (however, an exception to this 30-day deadline will be made for good cause) of:

  • The terminated provider’s effective date of termination, or
  • The newly enrolled Member’s effective date of coverage with the plan.

Utilization review is a process that monitors the use of a comprehensive set of integrated components including: pre-certification review, admission review, continued stay review, retrospective review, discharge planning, and individual medical case management as required to determine medical necessity.

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