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Imagine you or a loved one is in need of emergent help. You dial 911. The dispatcher informs you that help is on the way. The first responders arrive, only for you to find that they do not speak your preferred language.

This exact scenario occurs daily in San Francisco. A majority of first responders are monolingual English speakers. This is where San Francisco Life Line (SFLL) can help. SFLL was created by a group of first responders working in San Francisco, who made a solution to language barriers during these high-stress emergency medical situations.

The SFLL resource includes cardstock paper in a plastic case, which resides on one’s refrigerator. This resource allows first responders efficient yet secure access to a person’s demographic and health care information when barriers exist, such as language or mental incapacity. Through its volunteer services since 2022, SFLL has aided over 650 residents in San Francisco. The completely free resource is funded through a CCHCA grant. For more information, please visit