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Community Agriculture and you will fishery may be the old-fashioned industries of Amis, and tech work areas have been additional recently

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Community Agriculture and you will fishery may be the old-fashioned industries of Amis, and tech work areas have been additional recently

The brand new betel freak bag for carrying this new betel freak, limestone, betel, and you will puffing tubing is made from the mommy for their people or a female on her spouse, and this is known as lover’s purse (alufo)

1. The Amis become having foxtail millet (Setaria italica, and you may hafay on Amis language) and you can looked to grain (Oryza sativa, and you can panay regarding the Amis words) regarding the Qing dynasty. Which have broadening prominence, rice turned into among the many Amis’ essential food through the Japanese signal. Besides altering of millet so you can grain since core layout of your annual ritual, the latest Amis enjoys modified the latest Harvest Event so you can following grain harvest because of the go up regarding grain community, showing rice’s very important impact on the Amis social changes. Since occupations away from tech labor have raised pursuing the societal conversion process of farming to help you globe and commerce, of several Amis folks have altered its operate of agriculture and you may fishing to work performs, eg inshore and strong-ocean fisheries or even the services marketplace on the Taipei and you may Kaohsiung locations.

dos. Tissues Traditional Tafalong House: Traditionally, Amis someone inhabit a residential district nearby one another into tribal construction hallway since center and farmlands, hunting foundation, otherwise fishing parts within neighborhood. And the installation hall, per community has a good watchtower in order to maintain tribal coverage. A timeless Tafalong home is comprising a home, an excellent barn, and you may an excellent pig missing or cows casing. Old-fashioned Amis domiciles try cottages. Each is one rectangular building that have a front door. Amis people will alter the lawn rooftop from inside the autumn every one or two to three years. Internally, Amis partition the kitchen, the home, and bedroom which have wood or bamboo, japan cupid recenzГ­ towards the stove (paruod throughout the Amis words) make with about three stacked stones while the heart. Due to socioeconomic changes in this new twentieth century, bolstered real houses have raised and start to become an element of the type of Amis building today.

As well, the brand new Amis someone expand betel nut trees as much as their houses and you will eat betel wild since a form of snack and you will an important food into the matrimony, traditions, and you can anywhere between couples, it’s entitled ‘icep during the Amis

step 3. Eating Plus grain obtained from farming, Amis people gather wild edible plants and you may catch pets and seafood to own dinner throughout the lifestyle. Even if grain (panay) is actually an essential dining, glutinous grain takes on an important role during the Amis’ weddings, funerals, and celebrations. Immediately following steaming, it lb glutinous grain (hakhak) and then make a gooey grain pie (toron). Both the hakhak therefore the toron is the expertise indigenous meals away from Hualien and you can Taichung respectively. With rich studies during the farming and you will bush gathering, the Amis are fantastic during the preparing having insane delicious plant life, thus getting jokingly called as the brand new “herbivorous” tribemon crazy edible herbs of the Amis range from the betel nut (‘icep), velvet persimmon (kamaya/kafohongay), plus the breadfruit (apalo/facidol). Animal meat and you will seafood out of hunting and you may getting may be the big protein types of the Amis. Exclusive sensuous stone container and you can healed chicken (siraw) is highly culturally special. The fresh hot stone container is characterized by cooking fish and shrimp inside the a pot created using betel freak actually leaves entitled cifar/kadong by the placing sexy stones to the, which is an extremely local cooking concept. The latest cured boar meat (siraw) having animal meat preservation try associate of one’s Amis because of its novel scent and you may flavor.

cuatro. Clothes Regarding very first record, Amis somebody produced attire with material knitted which have bark and you may banana threads having bamboo needles. Along with forest bark, very early Amis people made use of wear-unwilling linens and pelts having dresses and rattans while making headgear. Because the situation change (barter) became popular, hand-crafted clothing sooner phased out. In the first half of the newest twentieth 100 years, thread received out-of negotiate became quite popular. Conventional Men and women Outfits of your Amis in Hualien: The fresh designs of old-fashioned Amis attire include the Hualien layout and Taitung style. Both appearance is actually identifiable from the direct scarf, this new chest coating, therefore the skirt. Red-colored, black, light, blue, and environmentally friendly is a common tone. Of the complimentary the shape while the color, Amis dresses is evident when you look at the colour and you may brilliant in the visualize. Because the captain therefore the priest delight in yet another social standing regarding Amis people, it wear robes having a good betel nut bag and headgear when you look at the extremely important characteristics and you will ceremonies. The newest alufo was an incredibly of use and you may well-known accessory both in typical minutes and you can rituals. The headgear is also symbolic of social status. The chief and people various years classes distinguish their updates and you may public classification that have headgear.